Washington Park Barber Shop

Washington Park Barber Shop has been serving the Winston-Salem area since late 2012. It started off very small. Tim Parker was the only barber, and the shop was open just one day a week. But it did not take long for the shop to grow. The high demand surprised Tim. Since then the shop has seen steady growth and now employs 8 full-time barbers. Tim is even looking to expand by opening a more exclusive shop next door catering to a clientele that desires a longer and quieter experience. Tim believes the shop’s success is due to the fact that he and his staff branched out from what other shops in the area were doing by offering the latest and most modern hair styles. The shop’s clients like that they are supporting a local business rather than a chain. Social media has helped to grow the shop as well because of its ability to reach so many people at no cost.

One thing that makes WPBS stand out from the rest is the atmosphere that they have created. You will not find a TV in the shop because Tim knows that a TV “zaps the shop of personality and limits conversation” which is one of the highlights of a good barber shop experience. What you will find is a clean, well-lit shop that is welcoming to all.

We have a very diverse crowd that comes in here. Everybody feels welcome. All the barbers in our shop are really cool with everybody that comes in. So we have a really good time.
— Tim Parker

The shop is not the only thing that has grown in the last few years. Tim has seen Winston-Salem grow a lot since moving here. And with that growth brings more options in restaurants, breweries, and entertainment. Even with all this growth, there is still a sense of community which is important to the staff of the shop. They strive to push that community forward whether through doing events around the city or just sharing information about what is going on around town while you get a haircut.

Next time you need a trim, swing by and see the guys at Washington Park. You will have a good time and come out looking better than when you went in. They accept walk-ins, but you can also make appointments. For more information about hours and prices check out their website.